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Talking on leadership


In this episode recorded on El circulo de vida morning mastermind I read my story and talk about what we must do to create leaders from scratch and we do a visualization excersice to give love to our old story.

Okay, spitting as shit. BroSome didn't want me to. It's okay, I'm not stopping. You spin it. Don't stop. Breaking Spinnish Shit again. Not It not, itwas okay. So none of us would you write individuals when we got intobusiness. Hello, how long? How's your yeah, I'm going over yourhouse, but to Yahoo cut style. I know somebody. Not It.Well, boy, I thought I'm more in silent, but I am beam not. Okay, none of us were the riding the bedels when wegot in business. Well, when we were first introduced it to NETB marketing. We want to run the bagebles. Get yourself to the moment that youfound them on marketing. Take yourself to...

...the moment where you got introduced intothis business of me you loving more? Were you prepared? Where you theperson that you are now? Where you ready? Where your leader? Whereyou developed? Did you know who you were? Did you have a path? Did you have goals? No, you didn't. You don't have shit. Why are you expecting to go and meet people and find them the bother? Why are you expecting to go and meet people and find them ready?Why are you expecting to go and find people that say yes to you.They're not going to say yes. They don't know what the fuck they're doing. That's why you gotta leave them. That's the point of being a leader. They don't know. They don't know. They don't know that they can bebetter than they already are. But we gotta get their permission to beinside people's lives. I can't go and say I'm gonna lead you. Threequestions. Can I help you? Can I make you feel just a littlebit uncomfortable? Can I take you out of that unfunt of the situation?Three questions and you have their permission. Now you can leave them. Nowyou can take them through the process. If you don't ask them three questions, you're not gonna get them in. If you don't ask those street questions, you're not gonna see results. You're just gonna Forget about you. Yougotta engage them, you gotta put them in your position. You got tomake themselves talk through your words. I'll... you my story real quick beforeI leave so you can see what I'm talking about. Well, it's mystory. You wanted to know who I am, so hi, I'm MissMartinis. I might on mini Gano from Puerto Rigo. Now, I don'tknow you like traveling, but I love it. A three years old,I moved to the Iceland and I took my family with me. My firstbusiness work in fourth grade when I started sending pencils at school. Yeah,anybody remember being eighteen? Well, when I was eighteen, I went tosign up for the Marines. They rejected me. College was an option forme. I had no path and I thought hopeless. And then my daddies six months later. So I've been rejected from the Marine Corps, mydad said, and not the men of the house. Any future I hadof doing stuff on my own was gone, because I knew I had to takecare of mom. It was at this moment when a friend got meinto personal development and I started building myself. In this last year, I've donemore for my family and others that I thought possible. I found acommunity of like minded individuals where I get inspired, adding ballet to others andmyself. Now, every day I get to be better than the me ofyesterday and I get to be of service to others. I'm Resartinis, andthis my story, got's go. So... you see how I engaged youin my story and put you in my shoes. This is the beginning ofbuilding leaders. They have to have that feeling of connection with you. Howdo they make how do you? How do you make themselves talk? Anybodyremember being eighteen? Engage them. They're hooked. Now they have to listen. Now they have to remember what they were doing when they were eighteen.Now they're saying Shit, I'm putty for now. What the fuck am Idoing this this kid? When he was a teen, he got denied,his dad died and now he's alone and broke with his family. Shit.But now out, now he's doing more for his family and others than hethought possible. Now he's he's found a community of like minded individuals. Hegets some pot inspired every day. He has value to others. He servesothers. I want to do that. Yeah, that's something I'd like todo. I like to be serving others in so and helping my family.Thank yourself to the first moment. Would you got introduced to personal development?What got you in? What's the story that you said Shit? If hewent through all that and he's doing this now, I think to be doingthat too. I want to see how this sends for me. That's thebeginning of building a leader, because leaders are not going to be are notgoing to be ready. You're not going to find them developed. You're notgoing to find them with three years sent to personal development. Maybe you will. Don't expect it, though. Maybe... will find someone that's ready totake on the world. Chances are they're not going to know shit. You'REgonna have to take them through the same process that you went. Oh lookwith this book, with thinking, will rich. This will help you toget a new mindset. Oh look with rich, with poor, that rayis that read adding it is given, but you can't go saying, ohwell, I'm in that. We're marketing them. I do trading. Ibasically re charts all day. I just take people nach levels and I trackthe tracement on the market. I studied confluences of the price levels on theUSP five hundred and sometimes I trade dvp Ip you y because I like howthe jpy. So we're taking a swift motion to the offsite. There theydon't know what the fuck you're talking about. My interrum can about like I justwanted money. You can't be going saying what you're actually doing. Theydon't care about it. They care about what they can do. Oh,I can serve myself and serve others, I can help my family out,I can be inspired every day. Yeah, I'd like to do that. It'snot about the company, it's not about your product, it's you.It's always going to be. If you're jumping off company by company thinking thatyou're not having success, you don't get it. It's not about the company. If you like an academy because you like the concept that the flow thatthey have of being chairman and like, Oh look, I'm gonna Sue,I'm a chairman ten, I'm a Chamer.

On seven hundred and fifty, thenyou can go. But remember, it's not about the company. It'snot that you're going to have more success on I am. Then you haveone tru be you can have the same amount of success, exactly the same, even more, if you turn your story correct as the words you choose. Is How you say it, is how you feel it, it's howyou connect with people's going to make the difference. What makes you different fromthe rest is that you can speak their language. Remember this. Speak Theirlanguage so they can understand you. Don't speak your language, don't say you'retrading. Don't say you're in financial markets. Don't say you trade forks, don'tsay you're in the health industry. Say Your Story. Say how youwork before, what you went through, how you are now, beginning middleand beginning middle, and one story. Do this and you will see differentresults. Do this, take this action, and your potential will increase, yourbelief will increase, and where you believe increases, your results will increase. To you get what you believe, you get what you ask for.Ask for more. Tell better stories, yet better results, Bab. Sothey happen. For today. I love you. I appreciate y'all. BeforeI help off, one thing you learn, one thing you liked from today's call. Anyone can just some use themself...

...and talk. I got your birthright. So one thing that I like about this whole thing was now onlythe presentation on how you did it today, but your story. You made meknow how to let me write my own story, because you know,you everybody have a story, but not everybody know how to tell the story. Now everybody know how to, you know, I'm saying, put up, put their story into perspective, but you know how to do this shit. You just did this, she and I was like, am so.That's what I like about the so call. You told your story and that shitis fired on God, that shit fired in fuck like I just walkedwith it broke, cursing like my faut everybody. But yeah, that's yoursecret sauce. You curse. You're from that. Just gotta know who you'retalking with. Like you, you're talking with son. You're not going tobe cursing all the time. He's gonna m you know how much notes Iwrote now on my fucking phone? You crazy right, I gonna have myjournal on me and I'm sorry, you've got I'm gonna. I'M gonna uploadthis call to Youtube. Do that. You can see, you can't.They was a good call. I gave some good content, so you canjust take some more notes if you like,...

...start writing your story, if youdon't have it yet, your story is gonna most do what else?One thing is, are you like, thanks for sharing me, or who? Appreciate your course perfect. I share. I really liked when you, liketold this puppose our eyes for those two minutes and I forget to goto our old self and our yourself, and I really like that. Ialso really like a personal story how you was done it and how you arepresented to us, you know, like it is kind of a tear jerkerin a way. Okay, once you're like really in there. I alsohad something else to say. Oh, I really like when you said becauseyou can't expect people to who come into your businesses to like come already developed. You know, you have to. So those are just like a fewthings that I really, really like, really like love, because I likethe whole class. So thank you very much, nice one. Anyone else? Anyone else? Oh my God, I want to shine. Sorry,Um, when you did the meditation, I thought about aunt like three peopleand then it flamps and it was really weird. It turns into like threeguys. It was like the the ex boyfriend, the new boyfriend and theother one, and it was really weird. It was like the new one gotjealous. He was like why you always with him, like you needto be with me, and I was like, Oh my God, lookat them all fighting. This is ridiculous. And then so I was I justwent to go feed shopping right and I hadn't awakening when you were talking, so I looked at the shelves and I was looking at note books becauseI was going to go buy a new..., and I saw the notebook that I bought for my last job, and then I felt him I feltterri eyed, because I was like, I bought a note book last timeand I wrote so many notes in it, but now I get achance to start my story again because of you and because of everything you toldus, and you've made me realize that there's people out there who need tohear my story. They need to hear my notes, they need to hearthe things that I've been through and the people I'm around right now. Theyneed that so that they can say, I did this and I did thatand, Louis, your daddy is so proud of you right now. That'sall I'm hearing. That's all I can hear. So thank you so much. It means a round to me. Thank you. Thank you for changeas a thank you. For sure you're age want to say something real beforewe have off. went to fucking eat weights. If I was gonna saysomething, I say eat metals. Don't thank you, dancing guys, thathe doesn't want to tell us. Oh thanks for mention a cat. I'msupposed to be like on my way to pick let's go. At all times, you're gonna create the motion, emotion, dance, emotion. Motion Creates Momentum, momental. It's massive action day. There's no nice of you play,play, play off, a nito, but making love so skinnes. Sincethe beginning, we knew who we're...

...winning this one in the million.Oh Dam would have feeling. These rappers are copy castiles or what? Icame in the game without taking a loss of I'm talking about yarders that nowI'm ready masses swords for. They bagging for more this promotions. I cannotsay more. They know I'm saying this shit. I'm murdering my strips.You the season. They know I'm achieving. ident achieved everything that I believe.The winner girl said that it's finished with Niggas. I could figs.Picture you think it's that's call. I need that. You really fucking appreciateyou. have an amazing day. Got A run off. We'll see tomorrow. Thirty am more balance for creating one. From now one, listen to this. We're building ourselves as strong ASS leaders. From now one we're gonnabe our own organization and we're gonna fucking roll to massive fucking levels. It'stime with eating too much shit. It's not going to happen. fucking overmassive action from now right forward. We just had a conversation about this yesterday. Just so y'all tomorrow from yea. Love the guys,.

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