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Talking on leadership


In this episode recorded on El circulo de vida morning mastermind I read my story and talk about what we must do to create leaders from scratch and we do a visualization excersice to give love to our old story. He was Biin a shapeberk Oden Wominto it's; okay, not Somi, jus Bin, don'tstop. BURKING SPIIN is ship Yo Getwe Anga. We P to Pi oe gass. I no Noer Wasanod as iinm people wa Eso.None of us were tridein Te Vedools. When Yo got into business hello. I someting how long how's your mind boing, I'm going over your house with my YalCara, Tela Mutama, a not W Buasiam O t meon Myama Cesmimol son B, MB NB asy. None of us were Rin the Beger wos. Whenwe got in business, where we were first introducit to noer marketing, we wantto run the vegubles get yourself to the moment. Yet you found them e larking. Take yourself to the moment where yougot introduced into this business of meloving Mor wer. You prepare...

...where you, the person that you are now. Were you ready where your leader, whered you devetop did you know who you were? Did you have a path? You do have goals Yo Dit Dodoa? Why are you expecting to go and meetpeople and find them the butes while you're expecting to go and meetpeople and find them ready? Why are you expecting to go and find people? That said Yes to you, they're Nogo say:Yes, they don't know what the Fok are doing. That's where you're gon to leadthem, that's the point of being ler. Theydon't know they don't know they don't know that they can be betterthan they already are, but we gotto get their permission to be inside people's life. I can't go and say: Ung Did you threquestions? Can I hop me? Can I make you feel just a little winof coffee? Can I take or O thaotof the situation, three questions and you have theirpermission. None can leave them, none y. u can take them fel the process. If you don't ask one few questions,you're longer: Otenemen, AF, Yo, don't ask Os thirty questions.He not one of see hesalt you're just going to forget about you.You bette engage them. You got ta put them in your position.You gotto make themse tougt through your words ill reg. My stor quick,... you can see what I'm talking about. Well, this my story: Willitin over, amso hi Amish Madinis a Aominicano from Portolego. Now I don't know you liketraveling, but I love it after you saw, I moved to the Iceland and I took myfamily with me. My first business was in fourth gradewhen I startd some pencils at school, Yanybody, remember being eighteen! Well, when I was eighteen, I went tosign up for de Marines. They rejected college was an option for me. I had nopath, I tout hopeless and then my dad dies six months later, so I've been rejected from the marinecourse, my tat's, that and on the men of the house, any future I had of those stuff on myown was gone cause. I knew I had to take care of mom. It was at this moment when a friend gotme into personal development, and I started building myself in this lastyear. I've gone more for my family and others that I thought possible. Ifellow community of Fligt Munday individrols, where I get inspired,adding Baty to others and went so now. Every day I get to be better than themeal yesterday and I get to be of service to others, Amrismartinas and Thi Smal Story O. do you see how I engaged you in mystory and put you in my shoes,...

...te Beginnin of building leaders? They have to have that feeling ofconnection with you. How do they make? How do you? How doyou make themselves tire anyody, remember being eighteen egage them their hope? Now they have to listen now they haveto remember what they were doing when they're eighteen, no they'r Same Shap, I'm twenty four!Now what the fog an a doing hstisgit whenhe was a team, he got denied his dad died and now he's alone and broke withhis family. Shitbut. Now now he's doing more forhis family and others than he thought possible. Now, he' he's found a community of LiheMon in the viduals he gets on pot inspired every day. He asks value toothers. He serves others. I wantn't do that yeah, that's something I hike todo I like to be serving others andsolf and help in my family sake yourself to the first moment whichyou got introduced to personal depolopment. What got you in was Li coing that yousaid Shi if he was Wol tat and he's doing this. Now, I'd like to Bein that to I want to seehow this ins- for me, that's the beginning of wiling e 'causeleaders- are now Gommi I're notgoing to Beben. You know then o find them developedYouar not going to find them withtrew yours sen, to personal depelopment.Maybe you will don't expect em, though, maybe you will find someone that'sready to take on the worlt chances are they're, not gonna. Nowship...

Youe goint have to save them throughthe same process that you went. Oh look with this book, you're thinking, HelRich! This will help you to get a new mindset Ollo with rid wit, Por DawnReshla. We Addi is given, but you can't goSayng, oh well, I'm in Nuwer marketing re, O trading I'. Basically, rechargedall day. I just take fnato levels and I tri and trace me on the market. Istudyd confluences of the price levels on the USP five hundred, and sometimesI try GIP wite, because I like how the JP wis always taking a swift motion tothe opsideter. They don't know what the Phole you talk about. What are youtalking about II? Just wanted money. You can't be going saying what you're actually doing they don'tcare about it. They care about what they can do. Ohi can serve myself answered others. Ican help my family up. I can be inspired every day, yeah I'dlike to do that. It's on about the company, it's notabout your product. It's you! It's always going to be. If you're jumping off company bycompany thinking that you're not having success, you don't get it it's not about the company. If you like our acanemy 'cause, youlike the concept of the flow that they have of being chairman and like Oh look,I'm in a Sut, I'm a chairman tent, I'm a Charman in seven fifty, then you cango BOT. Remember it's not about the company, it's not! That you're going tohave more success on I m than you have on Truby.

You can have the same amount of success exactly the same. Even more IV Yetur. He story correct as the words you choose is ID. You sayit as O. Feelit is how you connect it. PEOPL was going to make the difference.What makes you different from the rest is that you can speak toir language. Remember this peak their language. Sothey can understand. You don't speak your language, don't say you're trading, don't say you're in financial markets,don't say you trade, forks, don't say you're in the health industry say your story say Haw! You were before what you wort through how you are now beginning middle and Beginnin wito en one story do this and you will so different results. Dothis? Take this action and your potential will increase yourbelief, wo, crease and where you believe increases your results willincrease them. You get what you believe you get. Whatyou ask for asked for more sober stores O have e result is so Alfer. Today I love you. Iappreciate y all before I Hav off one thing: you learn monething you likefrom today's call I gotb riht o... thing that I like about Thi wholething was not only the presentation on how youdid it today, but o story. You made me know how to my take write, my own story,'cause. You know everybody have a story, but not everybody knowow. To tell nystory now. Everybody know how to you know what I'm saying: Push P putingtheir story into perspective, but you know how to do that? U Did asy and Iwas like Al. So that's what I liked Bo the soul. CallYou told you story and that Shit is fire on God. As you fire and whok like I just smoke wit, I brokeimcursing ALIKT MOUTH OT, everybody but H, woridi, do'Ttatsyo, yecet sauce encourage yourFon Tato 'Foldi youjust got to know who you're talkingwith like, if you're talking when ts own you're not going to recursingall the time. So you know how Mu Nots, oow, I'm olooking phome S, likefor Yoa, Erfi Gong cream rightimy God. I don't have my Jounan on me and I'm so den as you've got Nex, I'm GIO Obo. This call to us e: Do that Oryocan Oit ye an see begin. They wor do Al ee, conten Oiy does eTak some more, not a like O' star! Writing Yor Story. If you don't have itGen, your Tory is gonna most Gono...

...e. What else one thing is eareif youlike sa thanks for Sharing New York, we you appreciateyourbo Corse Borth M. Isa I really liked, when you like, told us suppose our eyes os to minutes, andI til ges to go to o oldsout and himself and everybod like that. I also really like your personal story,Aeyou Bwat on it and how you ae presented it to us. You know like it is kind of a deer dugger in Ta Way.Okay once you're like really in there, I also had something else to say: Oh, Ireally like when you said, because you can't expect people to Um who comeinto your businesses to like come already develop. You know you have toso. Those are just like a few things that I really really like will likelove 'cause. I like the whole clap Tehole, not so be very much. I E anyone else. Andone else, ome go iwen, Ashi, very fi, loud blok,um. When you did the meditation, I thought about aunt like three peopleand then it climped and it it was really Weid. It turned into like threebiys. It was like the the exboyfriend, the new boyfriend and the other one,and it was really wed. It was like the new one got jealous. He was like whyyou always with him like you to mewith me, and I was like: Oh my God, look atthem Il fighten. This is ridiculous and then so I wu I just weant to go forshopping ran and I had in a wait man when you were talking. So I looked atthe SHELV and Iwas looking at nutbooks ecause, I was going to go, buy a newone and I saw the notbook that I brought for my last job and then I feltI felt terryeyed because I was like I bought a night back last time and Iwrite so many nights in it. But now I...

...get a chance to stop my story again because of you and because ofeverything you told us and you've made me realize that there's people outthere who need to Har my story. They need to hear my notes. They need to Haethe things that I've been through and the people I'm around right now theymeet that so that they can say. I did this and Idid that and nowing your dad is so proud of you right now. That's what I'm hearing that's hat. Ican hear so. Thank you so much. It means Awondto me thank Ye. Thank you! FORTURNGE! As a go fa you for sharing ll, Aj wanto say something Bro before we hap off theredon anmre, an just et eper ent tofocgin e wait. I was going to say something es theyeat metal. Do I ke DANCI guys that he doesn't wantto tell us oh sthanks, for a mentioning Cat I't supposed to be L E on my way totoalet'Sgo the eneret all times, Ye're going tocreate emotion, motion, CAC, emotion, Osa, creas, momentala mental etromative,Agen Poly, O e there's no lplaplay op Panito Bedingin,Makin Loveso. He told me since the beginning e lever. Winin isone on the Millionogar Wuld Hae Bilin is rapis an Haki Castasero n MeadonPafer, the confeences ten pt I came and... went out making a los of I talkingabout Yodis theeos sor stor. They Tak im for moriness promoses. I cannot sayMorethey knowd if o Av Entel Ger Priv an shad to so sayingsitracting Assecuto, meaning they oes maskes andthey know on Ta. Seen din't seem to everything that I believed. IWINC aistt figures, O Payin, Etrictur, O Noia, Pictureyo, Tikis Thi, O call. I need thatyreforgi appreciate. Youhave an amazing day got ta run up, will see tomorrow. Nine thirty am more Balanor creating caan fom that one listen to this. We're building ourselves asstrong ASKD leaders, fonow on we're going to be our own organization andwe're going to Fuckin roll to massive parking levels. It's timeor with eatingtoo much shit is not to happen. Te crit pogging over mastr of action. From nowo I forward. We just had a conversation about this yesterday, just Salltomorrow, Loyguy.

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