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Episode 8 · 1 year ago

7 spiritual laws of success intro


Welcome to day 1 of The 7 Spiritual Laws of success!  

 This will be a training inspired by the book of Deepak Chopra where we will be going one by one of the chapters in the book and digesting them to its simplest form in order to inspire action and motion creating emotion and momentum to unleash a chain of events that is surely to cause change in your day to day life for a long time to come! If you like this episode don't forget to smash that 5 star rating so you can help this content reach more people! And dont forget to share with a friend that might find value in listening to this content! 

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What's going Ose, he coulnothv Bethatwhois wacing a s host for today and the found of this community. I am so happyand grateful to be sharing this day with you today. First of all, I want togive you the thanks for Joinng me in this life and dis video today, nomatter if you're seeing this live, where you're saying is recorded, theBal you're going to get today is just of amazing proportions, because we arestarting sson too oft Clavina. Isn't that amazing aret? You excited for thisbecause Iam trust me that what is coming this season is just unbelievableof the tops we're going to have threcual guests D, we're going to havea lot of knowledge and Valu shared so stick around. If you want to knowwhat's coming 'cause today, we're going to be discussing the seven spiritualloss of success. No, you may also call this loss thi, Sebespirituaus loss oflife. Now. Why is this so important? It is important because it will give youthe ability to create abundance, antocreate happiness in your life withease and without much trouble or hassle. No it'll allow you Tue experiment,success in everything. You put your effort to now what a success right, we're gonna we'regoing to be talking about success and this e r training in this new season ofElsie Glorina. So success is the expansion of joy and the progressiverealization of a worthy ideal right. If I were you, I wil write that down. Ifyou're, seeing this record it take it back a little bit and remember thatmeaning if it doesn't bring you joy, if it's not worthy for you, then youshouldn't be doing it right. Success is thee ability to achieve your goes with ease and facility...

...success, including the creation of riches of abundance, always has been considered something ofmuch work. That requires a lot of hard work. So let's do something: Let's takemore of a spiritual approach to this, because it is not true. Yes, you aregoing to work. Yes, it requires you to put in the effort, but it is more of a spiritual thingthan it is of a physical thing. 'cause, when you understand how to flow withthe universe, the universe will flow with you to give you everything thatyou may want or need in your life. So it's time to stop into your greaness,it's time that you allow the FO aabundance to come into your life. Soyou can step into your greatness, not mine, nor your moms. Not What Societysays is what you need, it's what you want and what is true or you so success. It's not a destiny! You're notgoing to reach success. You will never reach success because success is ajourney. It is a path of life that you walk day by day in every decision youmake. How do you know if you're beingsuccessful just see what you're doing on a daily basis, what you're doing on a daily basisdetermines the level of your success, yeah! Think about it. What are youdoing every day? Is it getting you closer to what youwant to do, or is it out of alignment with thatbishing that you got of the future? Most Probably Tho not you're, not aligned with the universe,most probably the not you're spending every day. By doing things you don'tlike not even knowing why you're doing...

...those things I was in that situation.Two years ago my whole life had been in thatsituation. Basically, onjuli decided to change that until I made that decisionto change that and today and the following weeks, I'm going to be making that process foryou easier we're going to do it together. 'cause everything is better when you doit with friends when you do it with family, when you do it with someone whohas gone through that process right, but success every time we talkabout success, people just think about money, people think about having a lot ofmaterial stuff, but that's not the only meaning ofsuccess. You can measure success by happiness.You can make ure success by healthy relationships. You can measure success by creativefreedom. You can metyure success by emotionaland psychological stability. You can mettyour success by well beingby being at peace with yourself, so think about that. What type of success are you lookingfor right? Now, even if we find success in our life in one of these areas, if we don't feed that sit of thevinity, that's lipinginside of us, we're not gongto feel ful. We're gonnawe're not Gong to feel as we're fulfilled with our lives, because why why just in reality we are divinity dischist... goddess and Gods in this meat suit, and it's easy to get carried away. It'seasy to forget that weare part of all of this of this big universe. It's easy toforget that wher we get so attached to what we seeto this physical bodies right, it happens, cause it's what I got rightnow, it's reality, but it is not right. No, those dodies, those tiny eggs, thos seats of thevinity are looking for a fular expansion for its full expression inthis physical reality in this physical world, and in order for them to grow you mostwater them like any other flower in your garding. If you don't Wat it, ifyou don't get it some sunlight, some lightome heat, so love, it's not going to grow. So the purpose of this training. Thepurpose of this challenge: It's for you to feed that divinity seedinside of youin order for you to step into your greatness in order for you to feed that God that goddess that lives insideof you- and we will do that together, so why to a law? No law is not what thegovernment says is a law. Allah is the process by which theunmanifested manifests. Allah is the process by which the obserber becomesthe observed Allah. It's a process by which this seer...

...becomes the scene by which dreams come true. It's a pruen method. It saks science, so everything that we contemplate come from Thee, unknown, think about it. A thousand years ago, ther weren'tplanes there weren't cars houses weren't made of the dismaterials everything that we're seeing nowelectricity, this computer, everything that we're seeing now was once just an idea and someone's had like you and me Wi,you and memate right think about it. Everything that we're seeing right now hasn't always existed. It wasmanifested into this reality. It was created by a man or a woman, and you have that same power. You just have to uncover it and that's what we're going to do here. So in Ou words, all of the processes ofcreation are processes by which the Self, by which theself expresses into itself the Fountain of all creation, isdivinity the spirit, the process of which creation is the Benrya movement, the mind in the creation of the universe, the body spirit, mind and body.

It's so interconnected. It so one piece,and it is you yes, it's hard to forget, sometimes that we have three different pieces ofourselvs which are totally different, but at the same time, totally connectedin just one whole being sometimes we forget that we're way morethan this just body and that we're part of this whole universe. Every time you heard at a star that acomment that I planet was discovered. Think about that. That is you. It is an extension of who you are at a molecular level at a core level,energetic level. You are that, but sometime you think that you'redisface. Sometimes you think that you're jist here then you're black you're white, thatyou're Hispanic that you're American Tha Duration Bredin. No, you are this. You are don't forget that, because youare limiting your powers,you are limiting all that you can be and hat. You are right now, just frecomponents form reality. SPRI miendbody form your reality andyou move in shape and shifting piping your reality AF. You may want it, asyou may see, fed for what you want with your life. Think about that. Have you ever driven a car that big piece of metal, soaring Louh the ground? Have you felt the steem will in yourhands?...

Do you realize that you are controllingyour environment? Do you realize that you aremanipulating your environment every day? Because you are the environment, you don't need more resources. You just need to know that you have hemall you don't need more money. You just need to know that you're, thefountain of Itwhen. We understand this loss and we apply them. This training is going to be apractical training. pracmatical training, 'cause you're not going to get results.Unless you applied that things were going to be learning here, you have to do the steps you have to follow through the plan. Ifyou want to see what you are capable of doing, yes, you may have to take someuncomfortable action. You may have to do things you've never done before, buttrustin yourself that you are going to get differentresults. If you follow through this. This is a provent method. I'm notjoking, I'm not seeing if this will work for you. I am telling you this will work for you an you, followthrough seven loss, just seven laws to change your lifeyeah. It sounds like Oh yeah here goes to this guy again change my live yea.What the ful an you, do: Change, Orsh, Bich! It's a provent method! I don't know who you are what you anwhare you're looking for, but I do know...

...that Weekan get closer to it. The same loss that we're going to bediscussing are the same laws at the universe that nature uses to create aforest trokate galaxy to great stars to create a human body. You know what's inside the human bodiesof brain, you know how complex the brain is, and you have one and you have the same power to create abrain. Think about that think about how trulypowerful you are you're, just not aware of it youre a source of a limited abundance-energy power. U Sait to your favor! You Sai, don'tlimit yourself because you can use it. No, this loss can get you to fulfill all ofhour goals, Iam, not even kidding anything you may want needor have inthis life. You will get it if you just followthrough this process. So fom. This was just t e antrope to what we're going tobe seeing next week we're going to start this training next week we'regoing to be doing one topic per week, because I really want you to focus anand practice the things that we're going to be talking about here. So thelaw number one is t going to be the law of pure potential. This law says thatthe fountain of all creation is pure consciousness. It says that ispotential thie's, pure potential, looking to express himself from theulmanifested to the Manifesti and when we see when we become aware that are true, nature... a pure potential. We Alie ourselves with the power that manifestseverything in this universe. So you want to know more about this. Please stick around see what you can do with your life, seewhat can change inside of you see what I'm talking l about see ifthere's pure potential, it's true and find tout for yourself, Yos already.Did it a lot of people? Did it with me andwe're GOIN TA keep doing it. We're GOINTA keep bitting results and I wouldlove for you to join us in this process andno fee. This is completely one hundred percentfor your grove for your benefit. I just want to serve as the tool to getthis information to you cause you could buy the book. Iencouraged you to buy this book. It's called Laciettele as Puita as Elexi orin England. The servace pitual lost of success by the book, but if you don't want to buy it, is yougoin to follow someone that has gone through the process already throughmultiple, multiple, multiple trainings on this topic? Then you can join me and we can go through this together,family, that's all I got for today. It has been such an amazing pleasure toshare just a little bit of this time, an movement and space with you guys,and I will see you all and the next event I took that from Chargi MurphyYeah. I did family whis martines signing out founerO Faciticalorida. I love you. I appreciate you be great. Do greatthings be more, do more half more Ovu Havi Gone.

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